Beyond Classical Membership: Opportunities within ICRP


Most ICRP members are experts from around the world invited to work on a volunteer basis with ICRP for four-year terms on the Main Commission and Committees, or on Task Groups that address a specific subject. However, there are now more opportunities than ever to be part of ICRP in a different way.


Since 2010, ICRP has welcomed dozens of Interns from around the world to work with the ICRP Scientific Secretariat in Ottawa, Canada. Internships are typically full-time positions for periods ranging from several weeks to several months. Interns are usually university students or early-career professionals loaned to ICRP, although mid-career professionals interested in experience inside ICRP can be considered. Many have been assigned through the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission’s co-op student programme, but this opportunity is open to anyone who can be supported by their organisation. Interns are assigned projects that match their expertise and have a rare opportunity to see the full breadth of ICRP’s work first-hand. This is great experience for the Interns, and their inside understanding of ICRP is valuable to their organisations when they return.


In January 2020, ICRP launched a mentorship programme to engage university students and early-career professionals and scientists as mentees in ICRP Task Groups with the guidance of an ICRP member as mentor. This is a part-time voluntary arrangement, with mentees continuing to work at their home organisation most of the time. The assignment is typically one year with possibility of renewal. While mentees are assigned a specific role or task, they are encouraged to engage fully in the work of the Task Group. For further information, see the list of available mentorship opportunities, and how to apply.

Assistant Scientific Secretary

This is the most senior ICRP position available through a cost-free staff placement. Since the position was established in 2012, there have been only five ICRP Assistant Scientific Secretaries, one or two at any time, each serving full-time for 2-3 years. This is a position for a mid-career professional, reporting directly to the ICRP Scientific Secretary, who will benefit from an unparalleled experience touching all areas of ICRP’s global work. Each Assistant Scientific Secretary is assigned specific responsibilities which may include: Associate Editor of Annals of the ICRP; coordinating ICRP activities including biennial ICRP symposia; supporting and occasionally participating in the work of ICRP Committees and Task Groups; managing special projects such as ICRPaedia; and much more. A call seeking an Assistant Scientific Secretary was recently re-launched.


Parties with questions, inquiries, and expressions of interest are encouraged to contact Kelsey Cloutier, Development and Communications Manager, who will provide further information.