ICRP Mentorship Program


ICRP has established a mentorship programme to engage university students and early-career professionals and scientists as mentees in ICRP Task Groups with the guidance of an ICRP member as mentor.

Mentees may come from educational, governmental, private, or any other organisation. This is a part-time voluntary arrangement, with mentees continuing to work at their home organisation most of the time. There is no fee, but the mentee’s home organisation will bear any costs associated with the mentorship.

While mentees are encouraged to engage fully in the work of the Task Group, they are assigned a specific role or task(s), defined in advance. Ideally the mentee will have an opportunity to participate directly in a meeting of the Task Group, and/or the possibility of working with the mentor at their institute. The assignment is for a pre-set period, typically one year with possibility of renewal. During this time, the mentee will be a member of the Task Group.

The mentor, normally a member of the Task Group, is responsible for providing guidance and support to the mentee, including discussing and reviewing the tasks assigned.

At the end of the mentorship period the mentor and the mentee each submit a brief confidential report which will be used to progressively improve the mentorship programme.

Please visit our website to learn more about available opportunities and how to apply.