ICRP Welcomes New Intern: Sunny Siu


On May 8th, ICRP welcomed Sunny Siu to the Scientific Secretariat.

The Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) have graciously provided support to the ICRP Scientific Secretariat team through the professional development program for students and this will be his first four-month rotation in Ottawa.

Sunny has prior experience in the Health Physics Department at the McMaster Nuclear Reactor, Hamilton and Darlington’s Refurbishment in Radiation Protection at Ontario Power Generation, Bowmanville.

From the Windsor, Ontario area, Sunny has traveled throughout the province in his academic and professional career. Studying at McMaster University with a background in Health Physics and special interest in Nuclear Engineering and Reactor Physics, he has one semester left before a BSc in Medical and Health Physics.

While at ICRP, Sunny will be assisting with the Scientific Secretariat, performing various tasks alongside the team.

Once again, thank you to the CNSC for their partnership, collaboration, and support.

Welcome Sunny!