ICRP Publication 111 Now Available for Free Download


Effective immediately ICRP Publication 111 Application of the Commissions Recommendations to the Protection of People Living in Long-term Contaminated Areas after a Nuclear Accident or a Radiation Emergency is available for free download through the ICRP web site.
ICRP has been doing what it can to support those in Japan dealing with the Fukushima NPP accident. This has primarily been by using the ICRP community as a way to rapidly share information with our Japanese colleagues, and by making available and discussing our recommendations and experience relevant to the current situation. Making ICRP Publication 111 freely available takes this one step further.

Many ICRP members have also been doing much more than this as individuals and under the auspices of their organisations. As sad as it is to see the devastation in Japan, it is good to see our community draw together to support each other in this difficult time.

Please visit the ICRP Publication 111 page to download this document.