ICRP Welcomes New Assistant Scientific Secretary Hiroki Fujita


Effective March 5, 2018, Dr Hiroki Fujita serves as one of the new Assistant Scientific Secretary's at ICRP.

For the first time, the Assistant Scientific Secretary is from the Japanese Atomic Energy Agency (JAEA), and will last for a term of three years.  We're excited about this new relationship with JAEA, and must thank CRIEPI Radiation Research Safety Center, who gracioulsy supported this role over a six year span, through three quality experts in two-year intervals.

Hiroki received his Doctorate in Science from the University of Niigata, and comes to ICRP from the Radiation Protection Department, Nuclear Fuel Cycle Engineering Laboratories, Sector of Decomissioning and Radioactive Waste Management at JAEA.

For the next few weeks, Hiroki will be training alongside current Assistant Scientific Secretary Haruyuki Ogino, who will return to Japan in the next few weeks.  Haru has been an integral part of the ICRP family these last few years, and he will be surely missed.  Our sincerest gratitude and thanks to Haru, and welcome Hiroki.