Educational Materials

The following files are downloadable here at no cost. They can be used by teachers, doctors, and those interested in radiological protection in medicine, together with recent medical reports.

Please note that while we encourage you to download and use these modules, ICRP has the copyright and you must not edit or try to sell the files.

Free Guides and Explanatory Notes

Radiation and your Patient: A Guide for Medical Practitioners 
Radiation and your Patient: A Guide for Medical Practitioners, Spanish 

Explanatory note on Diagnostic Reference Levels 

Free ICRP Posters: Paediatric radiology

We have produced an advisory poster and sticker for paediatric radiology, in collaboration with ISR (the International Society for Radiology) and Agfa (a commercial supplier of x-ray films). Please feel free to download copies of these files here for individual use at your clinic or department. 

Poster, English
Poster, Spanish
Sticker English/Spanish

We would also be interested in distribution agreements where we do not currently have arrangements in place (current arrangements include the Americas and Japan only).