Update on Radiopharmaceuticals


ICRP has a long history of producing publications on the radiation dose to patients from radiopharmaceuticals.  Although first mentioned in 1969 in Publication 17, the first comprehensive report was Publication 53. Subsequent updates have been included in Publications 62, 80, and 106.  Today, a fourth addendum has been released. This addendum can be accessed through the ICRP website page for ICRP Publications 53, 80 and 106 (links below).

ICRP Publication 53 page

ICRP Publication 80 page

ICRP Publication 106 page

Meanwhile, ICRP is in the process of preparing a comprehensive publication that will consolidate all relevant information on radiation dose to patients from radiopharmaceuticals, including the most recent addendum, into one volume. The objective is to have a single, referencable volume for the convenience of end users, while work progresses on developing revisions based on more recent tissue and radiation weighting factors, reference phantoms, and biokinetic models.