Draft report: Rehabilitation

The work of an ICRP Task Group is nearing completion. The report of the Task Group addresses the Application of the Commissions Recommendations to the Protection of Individuals Living in Long Term Contaminated Territories after a Nuclear Accident or a Radiation Emergency.

This draft, which has been posted here for public consultation, is a companion document to the draft on emergency exposure situations, on which ICRP also consultet recently. The present draft however discusses such issues as the transition from an emergency to a post-accident rehabilitation phase, the strategies to achieve levels of exposure comparable to those in normal situations, and the direct involvement of exposed persons in their own protection. Whilst the draft was developed with a view to long-term contamination after an accident or incident, many aspects may also be broadly applicable to other existing exposure situations.

The consultation period is now over. In order to view comments received during the consultation period, please look here. Each comment also includes a link to the original draft document that we consulted on.

ICRP routinely solicits comments on most draft documents prior to publication, with the exception of those that are basically compilations of computed values such as specific absorbed fraction values or dose conversion factors.

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