ICRP 2019 Presentations


Monday 18 November 2019

Session 1 - Opening Plenary

Chairs: Jim Hondros and Cameron Jeffires

Welcome and Opening Remarks
Cameron Jeffries ARPS, Dr. Carl Magnus Larsson (ARPANSA), Jean-Christophe Niel (IRSN), Dr. Claire Cousins (ICRP)
Bo Lindell Medal for the Promotion of Radiological Protection Recipient - Interdisciplinary Radiation Protection Research in Support of Medical Uses of Ionising Radiation - Abstract

Dr Elizabeth Ainsbury, Principal Radiation Protection Scientist and Cytogenetics Group Leader at Public Health England’s
(PHE) Centre for Radiation (United Kingdom)


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Tuesday 19 November 2019 | MINES

Mines Keynote Lecture

Olympic Dam: BHP thinking big about the future 

Paul Cuthbert, General Manager Mine, BHP (Australia)


Session 5.1 - Radiological Protection of Workers, Public and Environment

Radiation Management at Olympic Dam 

Zoe Dryger, Martin Smith, Neil Camillo, BHP (Australia)


The challenges of mining, processing and transporting naturally occurring radioactive materials

Frank Harris, Rio Tinto (Australia)


Protection of the Environment 

Professor David Copplestone, University Of Stirling (UK)

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Session 6.1 - Radon in Mining and Beyond

Miners’ studies and radiation protection against radon - Abstract

Dominique Laurier, IRSN (France)


ICRP recommendations on radon - Abstract

Dr John Harrison, Oxford Brookes University (UK)


Australian actions to reduce health risks from radon - Abstract

Rick Tinker, ARPANSA (Australia)

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Session 7.1 - Other NORM Industries

ICRP approach for radiological protection from NORM in industrial processes

Jean-Francois Lecomte, IRSN (France)


Trend of strengthening clearance regulation in Japan and concerns about its worldwide effects on regulations for natural and artificial radionuclides - Abstract

Takatoshi Hattori, CRIEPI (Japan)


NORM and NORM waste management in China - Abstract

Senlin Liu, China Institute of Atomic Energy (China)

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Mines Panel Discussion

NORM, Mines, and Future Trends

Moderator: Keith Baldry, Environmental Protection Authority (Australia)


Analia Canoba, ICRP/ Autoridad Regulatoria Nuclear (Argentina)

Donald Cool, ICRP/ Electric Power Research Institute (USA)

Jim Hondros, JRHC Enterprises (Australia)

John Takala, ICRP/Cameco Corporation (Canada)

Stephen Long, ARPANSA (Australia)

Daniel Zavattiero, Minerals Council of Australia (Australia)

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Wednesday 20 November 2019 | MEDICINE

Medicine Keynote Lecture

Australian healthcare: How does radiation safety fit in? 

Professor Brendan Murphy, Chief Medical Officer (Australia)


Session 8 - Healthcare Practitioners

Australasian experience

Ivan Williams, ARPANSA (Australia)


Use of artificial intelligence in CT dose optimisation - Abstract

Cynthia McCollough, Mayo Clinic (United States)


Effective dose in medicine - Abstract

Colin Martin, ICRP (UK)

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Session 9 -  Role of Equipment Manufacturers in Radiological Protection

What’s the point of innovation in patient dose monitoring? - Abstract

Jacqui Hislop-Jambrich, Canon Medical ANZ (Australia)


Global Spread of Particle Therapy and Consideration of Radiation Safety - Abstract

Kazuo Tomida, Hitachi, Ltd. (Japan)


Technical developments in PET.CT imaging and their impact on radiation dose reduction - Abstract

Tim Lagana, Siemens Healthineers (Australia)

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Session 10 - Patient Focus

Ethics in radiological protection for medical diagnosis and treatment: an update - Abstract

Francois Bochud (Switzerland) & Marie-Claire Cantone (Italy)


Patients’ perspectives on radiation in healthcare - Abstract

Lee Hunt, Patient Advocate (Australia)


Radiation protection challenges in application of ionising radiation on animals in veterinary practices - Abstract

Nicole Martinez (USA) & Lodewijk Van Bladel (Belgium)

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Medicine Panel Discussion

Raising Awareness of RP in Medicine

Moderator: Cameron Jeffries (Australia)


Kimberly Applegate, ICRP (USA)

Lee Hunt, Patient Advocate (Australia)

Keon Kang, ICRP / Seoul National University (South Korea)

Maria Perez, World Health Organisation

Marie-Claire Cantone, ICRP/University Milano (Italy)

Lodewijk van Bladel, ICRP/Federal Agency for Nuclear Control (Belgium)

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Thursday 21 November 2019 | MARS

Mars Keynote Lecture

Healthcare for Deep Space Explorers

Dr Robert Thirsk, Canadian Space Agency (Canada)


Session 11 - Radiological Protection in Space

20 years of radiation protection experience with the International Space Station - Abstract

Mark Shavers, NASA (United States)


Radiation environment in space and recent progress on space weather research for cosmic ray dosimetry - Abstract

Tatsuhiko Sato, Japan Atomic Energy Agency (Japan)


Operational Radiation Protection for Human Space Flight, the Flight Surgeons Perspective - Abstract

Ulrich Straube, European Space Agency (Germany)

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Session 12 - Current Practice

Current Canadian Space Agency Practice and Activities in the area of Radiation Health Protection - Abstract

Leena Tomi, Canadian Space Agency (Canada)


Ethics of Radiation Protection in space - Abstract

Nikki Coleman, Royal Australian Air Force (Australia)


Practicalities of dose management for Japanese ISS astronauts - Abstract

Tatsuto Komiyama, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (Japan)

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Session 13 - Future Challenges

Lifetime radiation risk of stochastic effects—Prospective evaluation for space flight or medicine 

Alexander Ulanowski, IAEA (Vienna)


Recent progress on Chinese space program and radiation research - Abstract

Guangming Zhou, Soochow University (China)


Radiation protection challenges for exploration - Abstract

Eddie Semones, NASA (United States)


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Mars Panel Discussion

Next steps for RP in Space

Moderator: Gillian Hirth, ARPANSA (Australia)


Gordon Cable, Australasian Society of Aerospace Medicine

Mélanie Ferlazzo, ANSTO (Australia)

Werner Rühm, ICRP/Helmholtz Centre Munich (Germany)

Samy El-Jaby, Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (Canada)

Wesley Bolch, ICRP /University of Florida (United States)

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Closing Remarks

Dr Claire Cousins, ICRP Chair


Invitation to 2021 - Vancouver

Mike Rinker


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