IXRPC and ICRP Chairs and Secretaries

The International X-Ray and Radium Protection Committee/Commission (IXRPC) was established in 1928. It was reconstituted after World War II in 1950 as the International Commission on Radiological Protection (ICRP).

The positions of Chair(man) and (Scientific/Honorary) Secretary are complex. At the first meetings, the Chairman was selected by and from the International Congress of Radiology host country, and served in that role only during the congress. The Secretary, selected from among the Commission members, had a leading and more continuous role. Later, the Commission gained more control over selection of the Chairman, but this general arrangement continued until 1950. From the 1950 Rules: ‘. . . Chairman shall be a member of the I.C.R.P. ex officio, but for the period of the Conference only. Meetings between Congresses shall be presided over by the Secretary . . .’.

From 1953, the Chairman took on a more continuous role, with the Rules specifying that the Chairman serves continually. At that time, both the Chairman and Secretary were elected from among the members.

In 1962, F. David Sowby became the first full-time, paid Scientific Secretary. By 1966, the Rules specified that the Scientific Secretary need not be a member of the Commission, and that the Chairman, Vice-Chairman, and Scientific Secretary should work cooperatively to prepare meetings of the Commission.

In 1988, ICRP became a registered charity, with ICRP Main Commission members as its charity trustees. As trustees cannot be paid, from that time Scientific Secretaries have not been members of the ICRP Main Commission. Nonetheless, Scientifc Secretaries work as an integral part of the Main Commission, with continued close cooperation between the Chair(men), Vice-Chair(men), and Scientific Secretaries.

- Adapted from "The International Commission on Radiological Protection at 90" published in the Proceedings of the Fourth International Symposium on the System of Radiological Protection.

The tenures of ICRP Chairs have always aligned with the meeting or term dates shown below. The tenures of the (Scientific) Secretaries have not, and therefore dates are shown beside their names.

Chairmen/Chairs (Scientific) Secretaries
Rolf M. Sievert George W. C. Kaye & Stanley Melville (1928, 1931)
none specified  
René Ledoux-Lebard George W. C. Kaye (1934)
George W. C. Kaye none specified
Sir Ernest Rock Carling

Walter Binks (1950-1957)
(Lauriston S. Taylor was acting Secretary at the 1950 meeting)

Rolf M Sievert Bo Lindell (1957-1962)
Sir Edward Eric Pochin  
C. Gordon Stewart F. David Sowby (1962-1985)
Bo Lindell  
Dan J. Beninson Michael C Thorne (1985-1986)
  Hylton Smith (1987-1997)
Roger H. Clarke  
  Jack Valentin (1997-2008)
Lars-Erik Holm  
Claire Cousins Christopher H. Clement (from 2008)
Werner Rühm  

R.M. Sievert
Chairman 1928, 1956-1962

G.W.C. Kaye
Hon. Secretary 1928, 1931, 1934
Chairman 1937

S. Melville
Hon. Secretary 1928, 1931

R. Ledoux-Lebard
Chairman 1934

E.R. Carling
Chairman 1950-1956

W. Binks
Secretary 1950-1967

B. Lindell
Secretary 1957-1962
Chairman 1977-1985

E.E. Pochin
Chairman 1962-1969

F.D. Sowby
Scientific Secretary 1962-1985

C.G. Stewart
Chairman 1969-1977

D.J. Beninson
Chairman 1985-1993

M.C. Thorne
Scientific Secretary 1985-1986

H. Smith
Scientific Secretary 1987-1997

R.H. Clarke
Chairman 1993-2005

J. Valentin
Scientific Secretary 1997-2008

L-E. Holm
Chairman 2005-2009

C.H. Clement
Scientific Secretary 2008-

C. Cousins
Chair 2009-2021

W. Rühm
Chair 2021-