Free the Annals FAQs

Q: Where are the funds going that are raised for Free the Annals?

A: The contributions will be used to offset future revenues lost from sales of Annals of the ICRP. A portion will go to the publisher, SAGE, to implement the two-year embargoed free-to-access model, continuing the same work as before but with less revenue. A portion will remain with ICRP, to compensate for lost royalties in perpetuity. This is essential to ensure that ICRP, a charity, can continue the important work on the system of radiological protection. If more than the target of €500,000 is raised, the additional funds would be used to try to make even more of the publications free to access.

Q: Why won’t all publications be free-to-access?

A: Full free access is our ultimate goal. However, this will be a huge financial step for a charity like ICRP with modest resources. Under the current initiative, are moving to change to free access to all but the last two years of publications because it will have an enormous, positive impact on access to the Annals, at a cost we believe is achievable to raise (€500,000). Under this model, there will still be some ongoing revenue from organizations who need to have the very latest publications.

Q. Are you looking for one-time contributions, or will we be asked for ongoing support to keep the Annals free?

A. We are looking to raise a total of €500,000 so we can make a one-time adjustment to how the Annals are distributed. This amount is sufficient to ensure that the change is permanent. Once the financial target is reached there will be no need to contribute again to sustain this change.

Q: What happens if ICRP does not raise the necessary funds to fulfill this goal?

A. We have every intention of reaching this goal, but in the end it is up to the RP community as a whole to decide whether this one-time investment is worth the benefits it will bring. We clearly believe it is worth it. However, if we fall short, we will work with our publisher to see how “free” we can make the Annals with the amount raised, and would likely continue to seek support to eventually reach the goal of free access to all publications except those from the most recent two years.

Q: What happens when I, or my organisation, contributes to Free the Annals?

A: Individuals and organisations supporting this initiative will receive immediate recognition on the ICRP website (unless they prefer not), acknowledging their significant contribution to this world-wide change. Once we are able to move to the new model of free access to all but the most recent two years, we also plan to acknowledge all contributors in the pages of Annals of the ICRP.

Q: Will I/we receive a tax receipt for my/our contribution.

A: Yes. Individuals in the UK (where ICRP is a registered charity) can fill out a Gift Aid declaration form and will receive a receipt. Others will also receive a receipt, and will need to check with their tax authorities how this might be used. We understand that this may be straightforward in some countries, especially in the EU, but can make no promises. However, feel free to contact us in case we can help e.g. by providing a receipt in a particular format.

Q: What should I do if I have any questions not answered here, or need more information?

A: Please contact Kelsey Cloutier, ICRP’s Development and Communications Manager (