The publications of ICRP are copyright protected. If you want to reproduce material from an ICRP report, or if you want to translate and distribute it, permission is required from ICRP. Permission requests should be sent to

Like most science publishers, ICRP will treat all reasonable requests for reproduction of figures, tables, etc in a positive spirit. However, each case must be judged on its own merits and if permission is granted, there may be conditions or restrictions. When applying for permission, please be sure to include an exact, detailed description of what you want to reproduce and where and how you intend to reproduce it.

ICRP encourages translations of its reports and again will treat reasonable requests in a positive spirit. For such requests, it is important to include information about the proposed method of distribution and pricing structure, and also on quality assurance (will the translation be reviewed by, e.g., your national regulator or your professional society?)