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Submitted by Mary L. Birch, MBirch Consulting, LLC
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Document Emergencies
1. In Section 1.4, there appears to be a formatting issue with the sentences beginning ¡§This means ¡K¡¨ in two items.
2. In Section 2.1.3, the term ¡§stakeholders¡¨ is not well defined. Is the public a stakeholder? The document uses the terms stakeholders and public but it is unclear if the public is one group of stakeholders. Or are the interests of the public protected by regulators who represent them as a stakeholder?
3. In Section, paragraph 74, I was surprised to see waste disposal as an emergency action rather than a recovery action.
4. In Section 2.3.1, paragraph 81, the following sentence does not appear to make sense to me without the proposed wording change:
In respect of the second aim, an example could be that an area within a few kilometres of the source of release is judged to remain in the early phase for a few weeks, whilst an area furtheraway is expected to move to the intermediate phase after about one week, and an area beyond that is judged to move rapidly from the early phase to the late phase over only a few days.
5. In Section 2.4.1, paragraph 100, the third bullet does not appear to make sense to me without the proposed wording change:
„X indicate that circumstances are sufficiently different from those planned or that much larger, or very different response is required;