Mentorship Programme

ICRP has established a mentorship programme to engage university students and early-career professionals and scientists as mentees in ICRP Task Groups with the guidance of an ICRP member as mentor.

Mentees may come from educational, governmental, private, or any other organisation. This is a part-time voluntary arrangement, with mentees continuing to work at their home organisation most of the time. There is no fee, but the mentee’s home organisation will bear any costs associated with the mentorship.

While mentees are encouraged to engage fully in the work of the Task Group, they are assigned a specific role or task(s), defined in advance. Ideally the mentee will have an opportunity to participate directly in a meeting of the Task Group, and/or the possibility of working with the mentor at their institute. The assignment is for a pre-set period, typically one year with possibility of renewal. During this time, the mentee will be a member of the Task Group.

The mentor, normally a member of the Task Group, is responsible for providing guidance and support to the mentee, including discussing and reviewing the tasks assigned.

At the end of the mentorship period the mentor and the mentee each submit a brief confidential report which will be used to progressively improve the mentorship programme

Current Mentorships

# Task Group Mentee Mentor Task(s) / Role Period
001 Task Group 99 Reference Animals and Plants (RAPs) Monographs Katherine Raines, UK David Copplestone, TG99 Chair Comparing data treatment methodologies and making recommendations for improvement or extension to other datasets; helping update effects data on invertebrates by integrating results from publications released after 2010; contributing to laboratory to field comparisons; and, contributing to the methodology for extrapolation of effects from the individual level to a population of a given species. One year starting 1 July 2019, with possibility of renewal
002 Task Group 98 Exposures Resulting from Contaminated Sites from Past Industrial, Military and Nuclear Activities Corynne McGuire, Scottish Environment Protection Agency Michael Boyd, TG98 Chair Review and completion of case studies that will be part of the report, preparation of the report for discussion by the ICRP Main Commission and Committee 4, developing responses to comments and preparation of a revised draft for public consultation. One year starting 15 September 2019, with possibility of renewal
003 Task Group 113 Reference Organ and Effective Dose Coefficients for Common Diagnostic X-ray Imaging Examinations Fang Shijie, University of Science and Technology of China Nina Petoussi-Henss, TG113 Chair Monte Carlo calculations with the ICRP age-dependent reference phantoms for diagnostic examinations of the chest, lumbar spine, pelvis, and abdomen. CT examinations might be considered, if the time allows it. One year starting 1 October 2019, with possibility of renewal
004 Task Group 114 Reasonableness and Tolerability in the System of Radiological Protection Momo Takada, Japan Thierry Schneider, TG114 Chair Collaboration on a position paper on a topic identified by the Task Group. One year starting 1 January 2020, with possibility of renewal

Mentorship Opportunities Available

# Task Group Mentor Task(s) / Role Application Period
005 Task Group 111 Factors Governing the Individual Response of Humans to Ionising Radiation tbd Systematic reviews on specific topics related to the work of the Task Group.  It is envisaged that this will involve searching of relevant literature databases (eg PubMed, Web of Science), evaluating papers against criteria for relevance and quality, and drafting a review paper for publication in the open literature based on the findings. There are opportunities to work in TG members’ institutes and participate in the Task Group meeting scheduled for September 2020 in Stockholm. Applications accepted until 13 March 2020
006 Task Group 116 Radiological Protection Aspects of Imaging in Radiotherapy Colin Martin, TG116 Chair Develop Monte Carlo simulation routines for a CBCT system used in radiotherapy validated against physical measurements to evaluate organ doses to patients from CBCT scans. Carry out a literature review of studies performed of CBCT dosimetry dose indices and methods of dose quantification and investigate approaches that might be used for incorporating kV imaging dose data into radiotherapy patient dose planning systems. Applications accepted until 13 March 2020
007 Task Group 105 Considering the Environment when Applying the System of Radiological Protection Gillian Hirth, TG105 Member Consolidate a series of questions to guide the development of case studies on past decision making about environmental protection, and review selected case studies. Applications accepted until 13 March 2020
008 Task Group 110 Radiological Protection in Veterinary Practice tbd 1) Critical review of relevant peer-reviewed literature, particularly as related to health effects in animals at low doses and dose rates, and how these effects and time of onset compare to human effects, and 2) reviewing modern ethical philosophy and deontology associated with animal health care and welfare. Each of these topics would likely result in the preparation of a presentation and a review paper. Also, assisting in review of the main document for consistency, clarity, and up-to-date references. The ideal candidate will have some education or experience related to radiation in veterinary practice. Applications accepted until 13 March 2020

Applying for a Mentorship Opportunity

If you are interested in one of the Mentorship Opportunities Available listed above, please send the following to in English and in pdf format:

  • Letter of interest from you
  • Letter of support from your organisation, indicating whether they would financially support your travel related to the mentee placement, e.g. participation in a Task Group meeting or working with your mentor at their institute for a short period (this support is not a requirement, but would enhance the experience)
  • Your CV

Receipt of your application will be acknowledged within one week of receiving it.

Candidates will normally be selected shortly after the application deadline shown above. All applicants will be informed of the outcome.

Once selected, details of the mentorship placement will be discussed with the candidate, and a formal letter of invitation will be sent from ICRP to the candidate outlining all the relevant details.

Unless otherwise specified, placements are for one year with possibility of renewal, beginning at the earliest convenience of the mentee and mentor.