Scientific Secretariat

The Scientific Secretariat manages the daily business of ICRP.

Scientific Secretariat in Paris, 2017 – From (L-R): Takahiro Koshiba (Intern, Japan), Sylvain Andresz (Intern, France), Lynn Lemaire (Executive Administrator), Christopher Clement (Scientific Secretary), Kelsey Cloutier (Development and Communications Manager), Laila Omar-Nazir (Intern, Canada), Haruyuki Ogino (Former Assistant Scientific Secretary). Missing: Toshihiro Higuchi (Historian).

Until 1957, the Secretary of the Commission was selected from among the Commission members.  However, in that year Secretary Walter Binks had to retire for health reasons.  Bo Lindell (who was not a member of the Commission at the time) was asked to be a "temporary" secretary, then went on to become ICRP Scientific Secretary.

Scientific Secretary became a full-time paid position in 1962 with the appointment of F. David Sowby.  This significantly increased the efficiency of ICRP operations. Over time the Scientific Secretary was assisted more and more in his duties with administrative support provided in-kind through the various national organisations that hosted the Scientific Secretariat. In 2009 ICRP created the second full-time paid position of Executive Assistant to fill this role. In 2012 the first Assistant Scientific Secretary joined the Scientific Secretariat on secondment for a two-year period. This position continues to be filled by secondment. In 2016 the position of Development and Communications Manager, bringing the number of full-time paid staff to to three. All other positions are filled by volunteers or secondment.

As ICRP's Chief Executive, head of the ICRP Scientific Secretariat, and Editor-in-Chief of Annals of the ICRP, the Scientific Secretary:

  • Oversees the daily operation of ICRP
  • Prepares, organizes, and participates in all Main Commission meetings
  • Is directly involved in aspects of the scientific and policy work of ICRP
  • Represents ICRP at international meetings
  • Speaks on behalf of ICRP at workshops, symposia, etc.
  • Responds to requests for information about the work of ICRP
  • Coordinates the publication of all ICRP reports including working with the authors, final editing of the reports, and various discussions and negotiations with the publisher

Duties of the Executive Administrator include: manging executive correspondence, managing aspects of ICRP meetings, providing confidential administrative support to the Scientific Secretary e.g. related to human resources, managing ICRP's financial records, administering financial arrangements related to contributions, reporting to the Canada Revenue Agency, approving expense claims, preparing financial reports, supporting financial audits, and making payments to service providers.

The Develoment and Communications Manager coordinates raising charitable contributions, and internal and external communications including managing the website and social media.

Duties of the Assistant Scientific Secretary are divided between the two incumbents. Hiroki Fujita is on loan from Japan Atomic Energy Agency, and his main responsibilites include all aspects of publishing Annals of the ICRP as its Associate Editor, and coordination of ICRP's extensive activities related to Japan. Chunsheng Li is on loan from Health Canada, and his main responsibilities include support to all ICRP Committees and Task Groups, and managing the ICRPædia and ICRP Glossary projects.

Historian is a a volunteer part-time position, assisting with the organisation of ICRP archives, and undertaking special projects such as the ICRP oral history project.

The Scientific Secretariat is located in Ottawa, Canada.

International Commission on Radiological Protection
PO Box 1046, Station B
280 Slater Street
Ottawa, ON K1P 5S9
Tel: +1(613) 947-9750
Fax: +1 (613) 944-1920

Christopher H. Clement (Scientific Secretary), ICRP, Canada
Lynn Lemaire (Executive Administrator), ICRP, Canada
Kelsey Cloutier (Development and Communications Manager), ICRP, Canada
Hiroki Fujita (Assistant Scientific Secretary), ICRP, Japan
Chunsheng Li (Assistant Scientific Secretary), ICRP, Canada
Toshihiro Higuchi (Historian), Georgetown University, USA