Draft document: Emergencies
Submitted by Brian Ahier, OECD Nuclear Energy Agency - CRPPH/EGIR
Commenting on behalf of the organisation

Additional EGIR comments on Annexes: Annex A: Paragraph A3 • The information source of the source term in A3 should be referenced • The concept expressed in the last sentence of A3 is considered important and should be included in the main text, in the section dealing with setting reference levels Annex B: • Proposed alternate title: Characteristics of selected individual urgent protective measures • ICRP is requested to clarify the purposes of these annexes, which focus on single countermeasures, in the context of the main text, which addresses strategies. It would be more useful to show how these individual protective measures may be addressed collectively in developing a protective strategy. Annex B, Iodine Prophylaxis, Paragraph B2 • Last sentence: ICRP should consider whether a comment should be added re: the use of stable iodine above age 45y • Proposed modification to last sentence: “… As iodine prophylaxis is intended primarily as a protective measure against inhalation, it is therefore primarily a short term measure (up to a few days) to reduce the risk of thyroid disease.” Annex C: • It is not clear what this annex adds to what is already in the main text. Suggest reviewing this and adding the highlights to the main text. • However, the tables/checklists are considered very useful. Some additional text should be added to show how they link together, or how to address collectively if lifting several countermeasures. Guidance on the termination of protective measures implemented in the intermediate and late phases Comment: Same issue of mixing intermediate and late phases. Not the same type of situation, therefore not the same type of management. ICRP is requested to address this.