Accidental exposures in modern radiotherapy

Draft document: Accidental exposures in modern radiotherapy
Submitted by Nabil Adnani, D3 Radiation Planning
Commenting on behalf of the organisation

Dear all: I browsed through your report which I find very interesting and long overdue. It is my opinion though that your analysis of the risk in using Record & Verify (R&V) system for electronic charting in radiation oncology is incomplete. By that I mean that relying on R&V alone makes the entire notion of weekly chart checks infeasable. Looking at the electronic records on the screen or printed out does not constitute a proper QA. It seems to me that there has to be a direct comparison of the R&V records to another independent recording system (in the same way MU calculators are independently checking planning systems calculations) in order for anyone to claim having performed a proper check. Anything less, can be easily challenged especially in court. Regards, Nabil Adnani, Ph.D., DABR