Radiological Protection from Cosmic Radiation in Aviation

Draft document: Radiological Protection from Cosmic Radiation in Aviation
Submitted by Claude Thibeault, International Air Transport Association
Commenting on behalf of the organisation

Thank you for the oppotunity to comment on this document.

We have two comments:

Item 60, lines 926 - 932:  to be consistent, part of this text should be replaced by some of the text found in lines 1033 - 1036; the text of item 60 would then read:

''However, for the sake of transparency and applying the right to know principle, the Commission encourages national public(my addition) health authorities, airline companies, consumer unions and travel agencies to disseminate general information about cosmic radiation associated with aviation. For example, this information could be posted on these stakeholders'' websites. These websites............''

Item 72, lines 1015 -1017: this recommendation should recognize that in some countries the decision to adjust duties during pregnancy does not depend only on the operating management. We therefore suggest the following change to read:

''After declaration, the relevant stakeholders (operating management, national authorities, and unions) for occupationally exposed individuals should agree on provisions to adjust duties during the reminder of the pregnancy.''