Introducing ICRP Publication 152:

Radiation Detriment Calculation Methodology

9 December 2022  |  Virtual Event

Over the next decade, ICRP will be hosting several Digital Events each year as we look to review and revise the System of Radiological Protection for the next generation.


Radiation detriment is a concept developed by the Commission to quantify the burden of stochastic effects from low-dose and/or low-dose-rate exposures to the human population. It is determined from the lifetime risks of cancer for a set of organs and tissues and the risk of heritable effects, taking into account the severity of the consequences.

As part of a thorough review of the system of radiological protection to assess the needs for update, the Commission established Task Group 102 on Detriment Calculation Methodology in 2016. The report of the Task Group was approved in November 2021 and has just been released as ICRP Publication 152. It provides a historical review of the detriment calculation methodology with details of the procedure developed in Publication 103, which clarifies data sources, risk models, computational methods and rationale for the choice of parameter values. A selected sensitivity analysis was conducted to identify the parameters and calculation conditions that can be major sources of variation and uncertainty in the radiation detriment calculation. It is also discussed how to improve the detriment calculation for the future.

The webinar will give an outline of Publication 152. It will help understanding of the detriment concept and provide the basis for discussions toward the future Recommendations.







Conceptual Basis of Radiation Detriment and its Calculation Methodology
Nobuhiko Ban (NRA, Japan)




Sensitivity of Radiation Detriment Calculation
Wei Zhang (UK HSA, UK)




Possible Improvements in Detriment Calculation for the Future
Dominique Laurier (IRSN, France)