Dr. Suryakanta Acharya

Scientific Secretariat, Technical Writer (2022/08/17 - )
Task Group 116, Technical Secretary (2023/06/23 - )
Task Group 119, Member-Mentee (2022/09/12 - )

PAY-W Clinic, Assam Cancer Care Foundation


Dr. Suryakanta Acharya is a Radiation Oncologist with 14 years of clinical experience. After completing MD degree in 2008, he had worked in CMC, Vellore and Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai. He had worked abroad (Kenya) and at present he is working in Assam Cancer Care Foundation at Lakhimpur, Assam. He is interested in peer review, scholarly publication and attending international oncology conferences worldwide. He is a member of IMA, AROI, AMPI, KMA (Kenya), WMA, ESMO, ICPCN, IAO and SIO.