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Dose Coefficients for Intakes of Radionuclides by Workers

ICRP Publication 68

Ann. ICRP 24 (4), 1994

Abstract - The Commissionís 1990 recommendations on radiation protection standards in ICRP Publication 60 were developed to take into account new biological information related to the detriment associated with radiation exposures and supersede the earlier recommendations in ICRP Publication 26. In order to permit immediate application of these new recommendations, revised values of the Annual Limits on Intake (ALIs) based on the methodology and biokinetic information and incorporating the new dose limits and tissue weighting factors, wT were issued as ICRP Publication 61. Since issuing ICRP Publication 61, ICRP has published a revised kinetic and dosimetric model of the respiratory tract. The main aim of the present report is to give values of dose coefficients for workers using this new model.

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ICRP, 1994. Dose Coefficients for Intakes of Radionuclides by Workers. ICRP Publication 68. Ann. ICRP 24 (4).

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P 068 errata in SG 03 JAICRP 32 (1-2)
P 068 erratum in P 070 JAICRP 25 (2)