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Radionuclide Transformations - Energy and Intensity of Emissions

ICRP Publication 38

Ann. ICRP 11-13, 1983
Superseded by ICRP Publication 107

Abstract - This major new reference work contains radioactive decay data on radionuclides with radioactive half-lives of more than ten minutes. For each radionuclide, the various emissions are tabulated by type, energy and yield. The tables have been designed to facilitate use of the book for dosimetric calculations and in the identification and assay of radionuclides in experimental studies and in monitoring. The nuclear data presented were used to compute the Annual Limits on Intake for workers given in ICRP Publication 30 and are complementary to that publication. Radionuclide Transformations avoids the major deficiency of previously published standard reference works on this subject by presenting the data for ease of use; for example, self consistent decay energies and yields are given for all emissions, and yields are specified in absolute terms, rather than relative to a particular strong emission. The data in this volume can consequently be applied directly to dosimetry or radionuclide assay.

Recommended reference format for citations

ICRP, 1983. Radionuclide Transformations - Energy and Intensity of Emissions. ICRP Publication 38. Ann. ICRP 11-13.