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Compendium of Dose Coefficients based on ICRP Publication 60

ICRP Publication 119

Ann. ICRP 41(s), 2012

K. Eckerman, J. Harrison, H-G. Menzel, C.H. Clement

Abstract - This report is a compilation of dose coefficients for intakes of radionuclides by workers and members of the public, and conversion coefficients for use in occupational radiological protection against external radiation from Publications 68, 72, and 74. It serves as a comprehensive reference for dose coefficients based on the primary radiation protection guidance given in the Publication 60 recommendations. The coefficients tabulated in this publication will be superseded in due course by values based on the Publication 103 recommendations.

Recommended reference format for citations

ICRP, 2012. Compendium of Dose Coefficients based on ICRP Publication 60. ICRP Publication 119. Ann. ICRP 41(Suppl.).

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