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ICRP: Free the Annals!

Workshops on the Ethics of the System of Radiological Protection

Supporting Task Group 94

1st Asian Workshop

Organised by KARP and hosted by KINS
Daejeon, Korea, August 2013

1st European Workshop

Organised by AIRP and SFRP
Milan, Italy, December 2013

IRPA Regional Congress AOCRP-4

ICRP Special Session
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, May 2014

2nd International Symposium on the Ethics of Environmental Health

České Budějovice, Czech Republic, June 2014

SRP UK Workshop

Organised by the UK Society for Radiological Protection
London, UK, June 2014

1st North American Workshop

Organised by HPS, CRPA and SMSR
Baltimore, USA, July 2014

2nd European Workshop

Organised by SEPR, AIRP, SFRP and SRP
Madrid. Spain February 2015

2nd North American Workshop

Organized by Harvard Kennedy School, Belfer Center
Cambridge, USA, March 2015

2nd Asian Workshop

Jointly organised by Fukushima Medical University Fukushima and ICRP
Fukushima, Japan, June 2015