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Submitted by Michael Gantchew, National Oncological Centre
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Document Radiological protection in medicine

Strings written in italic are texts proposed for insertion.
p.8, line 29 . . . , can lead to malignant conditions ( somatic effects). Because . . .
p.14, lines 17 – 18 The evaluation and justification of a screening program should be done on a thoroughly examined scientific basis, considering all possible side effects and complications.
p.14, lines 20 – 26 In this paragraph nothing is mentioned about radiation protection of the patient and risk evaluation in radiotherapy of benign disease (e.g. in dermatology, endocrinology etc.)
p.27, line 28 . It would be desirable to define the terms “Dose limit” and “Dose constraint”, because for the foreign reader their translation give one and the same word string.
p.28, line 23 On this place an additional paragraph is necessary to emphasize the gravity and irreparability of erroneously planned external beam radiotherapy what requires double checking of each stage of the planning procedure (patient positioning, anatomy imaging and reconstruction, dose prescription and delineation for the PTV and OR, physical dose planning) by at least tow independent methods and even persons, and precise quality control of the applied technical devices (CT, NMR, X ray simulator, dose planning software etc).
p.30, line 8 . . . diagnostic fluoroscopy, a distinctor (if this is the right term of this instrument) should be used on this purpose.
p.39, lines 4 – 6 In this paragraph due attention has to be paid to the responsibilities of the medical physicist who normally is the radiation protection advisor in the medical establishment with direct influence on the organization and control of the save operations with the radiation sources and equipments. The engagements of medical physicists in the dose planning procedure of radiotherapy is of major importance in achieving maximum curative effect at minimum radiation induced complications.
p.44, line 15 To the opinion of some well-trained radiology clinicians in our Center the recognition by manifested radiobiology reactions of 10 % over dosage is merely impossible, taking into account the broad standard deviation of the link between the physically planned dose values and the manifested reactions.