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Submitted by Pauline Powell, The Society for Radiological Protection
   Commenting on behalf of the organisation
Document Low-dose Extrapolation of Radiation-Related Cancer Risk
The Society for Radiological Protection note that this is one of the foundation documents that will underpin the next full set of ICRP recommendations from the ICRP. As such, it is potentially a very significant document, reviewing the underlying biology, cell effects & responses, carcinogenetic effects, epidemiology and statistical uncertainties.

The document concludes that there is no particular reason to factor the possibility of a threshold for radiation induced effects into risk calculations for the purposes of radiation protection. The Linear No Threshold (LNT) hypothesis remains a prudent basis for radiation protection at low doses & low dose rates.

On this occasion, in view of the specialist content and detail contained in the document, SRP does not propose to carry out a consultation exercise with members, but instead has requested members to respond directly to ICRP.

We are particularly encouraging members with expertise in any of the topic areas covered by the publication to review the document in the light of their specialisation, and offer comments to ICRP.