Ethical Foundations of the System of Radiological Protection

Draft document: Ethical Foundations of the System of Radiological Protection
Submitted by Lajos Balogh, Ministry of Human Capacities
Commenting as an individual

Dear ICRP leathers,

 After carefully reading the document and a remark published in your website I also have the feeling that not only exclusivelly the human beings but also animals as subjects of ionizing radiation related applications should be touched, covered within that document.

Companion and farm animals often appear as patients of veterinarians and as such x-rays, CT, nuclear medicine (or hybrid imaging) procedures sometimes even radiation therapy applications applied in increasing number on them. In vivo experimental applications of ionizing radiation  is also a growing topic how I believe.

Everyone understands that the main focus must be taken on us,  human beings but meanwhile there is an increasing demand by animal owners, publics, professional veterinarians and animal protection societies so that animals as living organisms with similar neurological organs as our’s also deserve attention regarding to radiation protection issues.

Majority of people and professional organizations would receive this idea as a prospective initiation in such a basic radiation protection document published by ICRP.

 Sincerelly Yours,

 Lajos Balogh