Dosimetric quantities

Draft document: Dosimetric quantities
Submitted by Maurice Phillips , United Kingdom Ministry of Defence
Commenting on behalf of the organisation

The United Kingdom Ministry of Defence (MOD) has reviewed the ICRP proposals in the ICRP foundation document titled “Basis for Dosimetric Quantities used in Radiological Protection” and has the following comments to make: General Comments The foundation document gives a useful overview of the dosimetric quantities and the philosophy behind them. Although it is recognised that ICRP is trying to find a new name for Deterministic Effects to better describe what they are, the use of the title “Tissue Reactions” is unhelpful and likely to confuse rather than clarify. Stochastic effects also can result in tissue reactions i.e. cancer in any organ or, indeed of the “Remainder Tissues” listed in Table 2. Hence a new name is required. Specific Comments Page 14 Section 3.3. The renaming of equivalent dose to radiation weighted dose is welcomed as it better describes the quantity and will help to distinguish it from effective dose particularly for newcomers to the subject. Page 32 & 33 Section 4.2. Something has gone awry in this section as reference is made to table 5, which is not included in this document, and reference is made to table 3, which is not the table 3 listed at the end of the document. Page 37 Section 5.2.2. It is unclear from this paragraph if it is expected that dose records to be “….retained for periods comparable with the expected lifetime of the individual….” applies to all classes of radiation worker or just to Category A workers (in UK legislation referred to as classified persons). This should be clarified within the text of the report. It would also be helpful if ICRP defined the term “radiation worker”. Page 44 first paragraph Section 5.8. The use of a dose matrix may be a useful aid to decision makers and regulatory authorities but it is thought too complex for stakeholder consultations involving members of the public. It is suggested that the means of conveying this information should be left to be determined by individual organisations that know their stakeholders and would know the best way to deliver such information. Page 51 Glossary. An omission from the Glossary is RBE. This should be included. ICRP may also wish to include AMAD as it is referred to in the text.