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Submitted by Hidenori Yonehara, National Institute of Radiological Institute
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Document Foundation docs Optimisation; Dose to Individual

1. General Comment
This document is worth reading and useful for persons responsible to radiation protection because concept of the representative individual has been considered to be important for protection of the public. This document is a nice review in general, however, specific descriptions and information would not be sufficient for readers who practically implement its procedure for radiation protection. We expect an additional document that deals with relevant methodologies and provides further information including case studies.

2. Specific comments
P7 Table 1. The concrete examples for each situation should be added. Especially most readers can not understand gEarlier exposuresh. Some cases categorized into gPractice, Retrospectiveh may be classified into gExisting situationh.

P16, (79) General people, especially mothers, have much concern about the risk from radiation exposure of foetus or breast-fed infant. However, the category for these groups is excluded from the category of g0-<6h. Risk coefficient (per unit dose) and other parameters related to dose estimation including the tissue weighting factors for the groups might be quite different from those for the group of adult. It should be described in this paragraph that the dose to these groups should be separately assessed. Although scientific information for the parameters obtained so far is quite limited, the concrete method for dose assessment for these group using limited parameters should be proposed in this document. Large uncertainty of the dose estimation should also be discussed. Although the category of g0-<6h in the present draft seems to include the group of breast-fed infant, it should be clearly excluded from category g0-<6h and shown in Table 2.

Hidenori Yonehara
Yoshiya Shimada
Yasushi Ohmachi
Tatsuhiko Imaoka
@@@ Kenzo Fujimoto