Draft document: Recommendations
Submitted by Joseph DeMare, Green Party
Commenting as an individual

Any organization that purports to exist for charitable purposes, such as the ICRP, should act in a precautionary manner when exposing the general public to threats to their life, safety or health. Any good or "charity" done by your organization over the years could well be cancelled out if, through your own organizations actions, innocent people are exposed to radioactive pollution. This will almost certainly be the case if the ICRP continues to reccomend unregulated exposure to nuclear waste in its ICRP 2006. There is now over a century of reliable scientific research which has shown again and again that there is no "threshold" below which radioactive pollution is safe. All radioactive waste must be regulated and kept out of contact with the general public. After all, people have absolutely no way of protecting themselves from radiation. Our only "protectors" are organizations like your own. Many radioactive isotopes bioaccumulate. Some have half lives in the thousands of years. It doesn't matter whether these damaging atoms are released in large quantities all at once or in tiny increments. The result, a few centuries hence, would still be an environment which is unfit for human beings. Don't let your organization be used to that end. Apply the Precautionary Principle and eliminate discussion and reccomendation of exemption from your document.