Occupational Radiological Protection in Interventional Procedures

Draft document: Occupational Radiological Protection in Interventional Procedures
Submitted by ETARD, IRSN France
Commenting on behalf of the organisation

This publication is very interesting, comprehensive and very well documented.
I have only a few comments/remarks:
- ligne 833: the last words of the paragraph "occupational exposures from interventional procedures" should be deleted.
- lignes 841 to 845: the sentence is not clear. Words are missing ?
- ligne 1177: Some laboratories have developped an eye lens dosimeter, that can be used under leaded glasses or goggles. This should be mentioned. See for example : http://dosimetre.irsn.fr/fr-fr/Documents/Fiches%20produits/IRSN_Fiche_dosimetre_Cristallin.pdf

- ligne 1350 : The reference to IRPA, 2017 is not relevant for dose constraints. It refers to eye dose monitoring. 
- ligne 1554 :  Some laboratories have developped ring dosimeters that withstand a sterilization process. You should be more positive and inform the lecturer that this problem has been solved (at least in some countries) and that ring dosimeters adapted to sterelization might be available in his country.
Congratulations for the job!