Radiological protection in medicine

Draft document: Radiological protection in medicine
Submitted by Werner Zeller, BAG - Swiss Federal Office of Public Health
Commenting on behalf of the organisation

We find that the document which reviews in a synthetic manner on the current problems and the recommendations in the field of radiological protection in medicine is very useful for the people implied in this field. We propose to suppress the chapter 7.2 which seems to us far from the concerns of radiological protection and from an effective contribution in this field. In 9.2 it is indicated that the diagnostic reference levels (DRL) have no regulatory implications. In fact radiology services are compelled to compare their practice with regard to the DRL and if necessary to take measures to reduce the doses delivered to the patient. So we would stress to use a more adequate formulation like the one presented at the chapter 13.1 which precise the inappropriateness to use numerical values for DRL as regulatory limits or for commercial purposes. To chapter 17.2: concerning the dose of 2 Gy for cataract induction in the event of single irradiation we would suggest giving a bibliographical reference.