The scope of radiological protection

Draft document: The scope of radiological protection
Submitted by Marvin I. Lewis, n/a
Commenting as an individual

Sirs or Ms, As usual I am disgusted with the various bodies which provide so called protection to the public. ICRP and the participants in this report included. The very people who shall suffer from these recommendations are excluded. The man on the street does not know what is going on as far as presenting these recommendations in a format that is understandable to him or her and in a way that he will even know that these standards or recommendations exist. Also when the 'man on the street' is finally able to present his view point as in the case where 'brc' has been outlawed as a radioactive waste that can be ignored, his view is not even mentioned in this report as outside of the law. The US law on BRC states what is legal to ignore in the area of radioactive waste:NOTHING! This entire report is a sop to the commercial and military interests as to how they can legally minimize the cost of radioactive waste disposal. I wish that I could say, Respectfully submitted, Marvin I Lewis 3133 Fairfield St. Phila PA 19136