Dosimetric quantities

Draft document: Dosimetric quantities
Submitted by Christophe Murith, Swiss Federal Office of Public Health
Commenting on behalf of the organisation

Swiss Comments concerning the Draft Paper of ICRP on the topic of “Basis for Dosimetric Quantities used in Radiological Protection” The paper has been studied by the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health (SFOPH). The document provides a detailed description of the ICRP dosimetry system based on ICRU operational quantities in association with radiation protection quantities and their practical application. Radiation and tissue weighting factors are updated to recent knowledge with deep explanations. In this sense we consider that it's a broad foundation document that could be improved by deleting some redundancies. As we pointed out by the consultation "ICRP Recommendations 2005", changing deterministic effects in tissue reactions provides no added value (page 4) and keeping the original terminology would be the best. Concerning other quantities, we recommend a clear distinction between primordial quantities as dose limits and derived one's as dose constraints. Some other aspects as de minimis dose, strategy for exemption, exclusion and clearance, activity limits in goods and the possible distinction between natural and artificial sources are also expected from the RP community.