Draft document: Recommendations
Submitted by James Penna, Coalition for a Clean Green Saskatchewan
Commenting as an individual

One must take issue with the use of the term EXEMPTIONS which is the latest term for deregulating, releasing, dispersing radioactive materials into the marketplace and environment or into regular trash dumps and incinerators. Exemption may apply in circumstances that enable equitable application of laws rules and regulations. However in the case of radioactive materials, laws need to be even more stringent and the precautionary principle needs to be enshrined into law and strictly enforced! Therefore, first, you must adopt and incorporate the PRECAUTIONARY PRINCIPLE in the overall framework; second, you must delete all discussion and recommendations for EXEMPTIONS and Exemption levels (delete section 2.4 and any tables supporting exemptions) INDEED, not only is it inappropriate to be considering any “exemptions” when it comes to the control of radioactive materials. To proliferate dangerous radioactive materials is a breach of our obligation to our selves, to all of humanity, past present and future, and to the earth. From what I have come to understand over the last thirty years of closely examining what is happening locally here in Saskatchewan [where we have some of the richest Uranium mines and supply 30% of the world’s uranium consumption], and around the world, the entire nuclear chain is an act of terrorism against humanity and the earth. No one in his/her right mind can accept any of the cumulative radioactive contamination from the nuclear chain. A chain of cancer, death and destruction! What is also reprehensible is what appears to be intellectual dishonesty, scientific lacunae and the outright control of information on matters nuclear, and the blatant exercise and subservience of political power to money at the peril of people and their earthly habitat. This is evident in the Millenium Ecological Assessment Report. As far as I can tell there is no mention of any radionuclide contamination of the earth. This is absolutely astounding after all the global nuclear explosions, accidents, pollution and contamination from nuclear installations and activities including the use of DU armaments in the Gulf war, in Kosivo Afghanistan, and Iraq! Who is controlling the agenda? The truth will come out! I emphatically agree with the NIRS responses and recommendations with one addition: STOP NUCLEAR MADNESS. FREE HUMANITY AND THE EARTH FROM THE CURSE OF THE NUCLEAR CHAIN !