Low-dose Extrapolation of Radiation-Related Cancer Risk

Draft document: Low-dose Extrapolation of Radiation-Related Cancer Risk
Submitted by Marvin Lewis, N/A
Commenting as an individual

Dear Sirs or Ms, I tried to download the latest draft of low Dose radation. My computer could not handle it. I am requesting one free copy, but am putting comments in based on past experience with ICRP reports. Lately a lot has surfaced about delayed and continuing inflammation related to an insult such as radiation. I hope that this new information finds its way into the report as this explains a lot of the delayed response which is very dangerous and often fatal. I also hope that the draft also looks at the question of who profits and who pays the price. A waste site may get a lot of profit into many corporate entities but the costs may go to the local residents in the form of radiation load in soil as in NJ and in water as on the Snake River and in the Carolinas near the Savannah RP. Respectfully submitted, Marvin Lewis