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Submitted by Trevor Pinks, UK Ministry of Defence,
   Commenting on behalf of the organisation
Document ICRP Statement on Radon AND Lung cancer risk from radon and progeny
Following from the principle within the ICRP draft:

“The Commission now proposes to treat radon and radon progeny in in the workplace in the same way as other radionuclides within the system of protection and publish dose coefficients (dose per unit exposure). Doses from radon and its progeny will be calculated using ICRP biokinetic and dosimetric models, including the ICRP Publication 66 Human Respiratory Tract Model (HRTM) and ICRP systemic models.”

1. Is it long term ICRP policy to bring doses from radon in line with doses to members of the public from other sources of radiation? (in the UK 1mSv per year to members of the public).

2. Would “outdoor” background be subtracted from the workplace concentration?

3. Radon exposure should be included in HSE approved ADS dose data. However, personal monitoring for radon is unusual, environmental monitoring being the current industry standard. Can ICRP provide guidance on the inclusion of radon dose in personal dose records?