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Submitted by Lennart Lindborg, Swedish Radiation protection Authority
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Aircrew was introduced as an occupationally exposed group in 1990. Since then large efforts have been made to clarify the situation regarding the dose rate on board aircraft and legislation for aircrew. Although the paragraph (277) states that exposures to radiation of natural origin are covered by the Commission's system of radiological protection, it would be valuable to find some information - including a reference - relevant for aircrew. I suggest that the following or similar is inferred in (284) at the end of that paragraph:

"At flight levels commonly used by commercial airlines the ambient dose equivalent rate varies typically between 1 uSv/h to 15 uSv/h (mikrosievert per timme) depending on flight altitude, geographic latitude and solar activity (EURADOS, 2004). Aircrew may receive a mean annual effective dose similar to what is found in the nuclear industry."

the full reference is: EURADOS WG 5, Cosmic radiation Exposure of Aircraft Crew Compilation of Measured and Calculated Data, Published by the European Commission Radiation Protection 140, DG for Energy and Transport, ISBN 92-894-8448-9, 2004 .