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Submitted by AUBERT Bernard, IRSN
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Document Radiological Protection in Fluoroscopically Guided Procedures Performed outside the Imaging Department
l 304: The legend of table 1.1 is ...excluding cardiac procedures... but in the table thera procedures concerning cardiology in  Vascular system.
l 508: Cancel "France"
l 529: There is a large number of ... (instead of There are...)
l 730: Precise in the legend of Fig 3.1 " ... for same image quality"
l 753: image quality instead of quality image
l 799 to l 804: the explanation is not clear. It is better to say that we must maximize the SSD and place the detector closer to the patient.
l 873: Is it necessary to precise what is "DSA"?
l 933: in France the minimum thickness of 0.33 mm is mandatory
l 984: table 2.1 instead of table 1.2
l 992: a recent work performed by ORAMED proposes a dosimeter for eyye dose
l 1472: replace Gy cm² by Gy.cm²
l 1521: 10 µSv/case insterad of 10µSv/case
l 1527: 4 to 20 µGy/h
l 1631: ...during surgical procedures 20. ???
l 1817: (a) Russel
l 1817: (fg Perisinakis... is it (f) or (g)?
l 1589: biliary procedures is
l 1872: 8.5% instead of 8.5 %
l 1909: 70% instead 70 %
l 1919: Gy.cm²
l 1949: Audits instead of Audit s
l 2077: ...staff exposure. One needs...
l 2463 to 2465: a space is miising after each letter in brackets
l 2563: An interval is missing before "Optimization"
l 2869, 2870, 2890 and 2916, : Jkg-1 must be replaced by:
l 2870: Gy is not a SI base unit but is a SI derived unit
l 2925: replace "... the kerma area product (rather than dose-area product)." by "...the kerma.area product (rather than dose.area product)."
l 2933: align the formula
Table A.1: Modify the units: Gy.cm², mSv.mGy-1