Radiological protection in medicine

Draft document: Radiological protection in medicine
Submitted by Timothy Donakowski, Minnesota Department of Health
Commenting on behalf of the organisation

This is a good document for “underpinning…recommendations for the medical exposure of patients, including their comforters and carers.” On page 9 the report states that “it is…impossible to determine…an increased risk of cancer…with absorbed doses of the order of 10 mGy or below.” According to Radiation in Perspective, a position statement of the Health Physics Society, revised in August 2004, “studies have not demonstrated adverse health effects in individuals exposed to small doses (less than 10 rem, or 100 mGy).” On page 47 the terms “clinical specialists” and “radiographers” are used; in Minnesota and much of the United States, the corresponding terms are “licensed practitioners of the healing arts” and “radiologic technologists.”