Draft document: Recommendations
Submitted by Kunihiko Morozumi, The Japan Association of Radiological Technologists
Commenting on behalf of the organisation

The Japan Association of Radiological Technologist was organized in 1947, and now the number of members is over 31000.@In October 2000,we decided g Medical radiation exposure guideline ( the reduction targeted value) for patient and acted for reduction of medical radiation exposure.@On the basis of these process, we submit the comments on the RECOMMENDATIONS of ICRP ICRP Pub.60 of Draft was shown in the end stage by the organization concerned, but this was procedural and it was not reflected many opinions.@We welcome the effort that the Draft is shown this time by main point formation phase and pile up agreement for many opinions. 1.@At first,we point out that we should practice easiness ( should be based on a simple)that ICRP published as a policy by oneself. 2. ICRP has described "The use of effective dose for assessing of the exposure of patients has severe limitations that most be considered when quantifying medical exposure.", and "Equivalent dose or absorbed dose to irradiated tissues is the more relevant quantity." in (4.5.5). We approve of this. In addition, ICRP should describe following three. And the view of the risk of medical exposure should be shown concretely. 1) The scope of risk assessments of having used the effective dose and the cautions in the case of applying to a collective dose 2) The concrete procedure in the case of using an effective dose as risk assessment for justification of medical exposure, and optimization 3) The concrete procedure of risk assessment using an equivalent dose or an absorbed dose 3. ICRP has described three levels of justification of radiological procedures in Pub73. It is often reflected in the present condition of medical. However, (5.7.2) and (6.1.) differs in expression slightly. Therefore, justification of radiological procedures should be similarly described as Pub73. Moreover, you should supplement concretely about the classification of radiological procedures according to three levels, and the procedure of justification. For example, IVR, X ray CT examination of the woman who can be conceived (a pelvis is included), etc.