Ethical Foundations of the System of Radiological Protection

Draft document: Ethical Foundations of the System of Radiological Protection
Submitted by Dr Chris Kalman, NHS Forth Valley. Scotland
Commenting as an individual

1. iI very much support the way of travel of this document.
2. in 2017, we can not say that ICRP recommendations are primarily aimed at radiation protection people.
3. I am delighted to see that the 3 principles are retained. It is clear thjat there had been some pressure to change these from the ethical community.
4. in relation to dignity, I am surprised to see that Disability  is not included in relation to the important individual factors. It is now commonly included in definitions of equality.
5. I asm pleased to see mention of medical ethics, but think this should be extended, given the use of radiations in diagnosis and treatment. Use of radiation to treat or reduce other riosks is a complex issue.
6 in relation to 5 and other areas, the ethics of individual versus sociatal risk needs further mention.
7. I think there is a need for a specific mention of ethics in the workplace, given the importance of occupational exposure.
8. Practicality, clarity and understanding are cruical elements of stake holder involvement, as well as being vital for a system to work