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ICRP: Free the Annals!

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Submitted by Lois E. Zinavage, CAN (Citizen's Awareness Network), though I'm replying as an individual here.
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15 September 2006

I would like to comment on the International Radiological Recommendations ICRP has formulated, to be presented Sept. 15th. I am a Connecticut resident and environmental activist concerned about the
evils of nuclear power locally (Millstone Nuclear Power Station; Waterford, CT) and worldwide. Please delete
discussion and recommendation for exemptions and exemption levels, esp. section 2.4, from your current position statement on this issue AND adopt and incorporate the precautionary principle into the overall framework of that statement. The ALARA principle is evil; all manmade radioactive waste is dangerous, PERIOD.

Thank you.

Lois E. Zinavage