Education and Training

Draft document: Education and Training
Submitted by Ralph P. Lieto, St. Joseph Mercy Hospital
Commenting as an individual

Categories of Professionals requiring training: What about the radiation protection officer/supervisor? This may be a physician or physicist or technologist. Recommend not use term "officer". Tables 1 & 2 are extremely helpful and an assest in this report. However, the number of hours for MDX & MDN who are the actual users of the radiation is too low. It is barely one hour on each of the subjects listed. These are the supervising/authorizing physicians. The number of hours should be at least doubled, i.e., one week, especially in this era of increasing complex technology and concern for diagnostic patient doses. This is even more emphasized by the training topics listed in the Annexes that could not justifiably be addressed in 15-20 hours. This training is markedly less than the risks involved. In the Recommendations, the terminology of training "related" to the use of radiation is used. This is not clear. of whether this relates to the topics or level of training. Suggest use the term of "commensurate" at found in ICRP Reports 103 & 105 to be consistent clarify it is referencing level of trainng. Commend the authors on a very practical and useful report.