Draft document: Recommendations
Submitted by Miroslav Pinak, JAEA
Commenting as an individual

Comment: I would suggest to modify the terminology (§96 and throughout the text): tissue reaction -> pathological tissue reaction Justification: - tissue reactions can be various, physiological as well pathological, while term 'pathologic tissue reaction' means reaction which is reflecting the change in natural situation of the tissue environment, and this is what draft means by describing harmful effects of radiation at the somatic level; - pathologic tissue reactions are for example: acute necrosis, degenerative changes, tissue malfunction, etc. which are among tissue reactions observed after irradiation; - term 'pathological tissue reaction' is easy to understand for specialists as well for general public; - term 'pathological tissue reaction' means nearly the same what the previously used term 'deterministic effect' meant; - term 'pathological tissue reaction' is unambiguous.