2005 ICRP Recommendation

Draft document: 2005 ICRP Recommendation
Submitted by Yoshikazu Kumamoto, retired
Commenting as an individual

The followings are my personal comment on the draft and includes some information in the draft. 1. It is desirable that both "deterministic" and "stochastic" are kept in the new recommendation. These words explain very well the characteristics of each effect. 2. It is desirable that the coefficients for the deterministic effects are given. When the coefficients are not given and some emergency situation related with a neutron exposure occurs, some people would use a coefficient of 10 for the estimation of "tissue damage dose". 3. It is desirable that names for "equivalent dose" and "effective dose" are different and similar. 4. It is desirable that "RBE" be spelled out if the description in the bracket are deleted. 5. It is desirable that when the accident occurs, both the "deterministic" and "stochastic" doses are reported. Citation and proposal for the names and unit Deterministic tissue damaging effects Name: RBE-weighted dose (Tissue damage relative biological effectiveness-weighted absorbed dose) Unit: Gy-Eq Stochastic cancerous and heritable effects Name: Radiation-weighted dose (Cancer biological effectiveness-weighted absorbed dose) Unit: pre-Sv @@@@@@@@@@@@ Name: Effective absorbed dose (Cancer biological effectiveness- and organ-weighted absorbed dose) Unit: Sv Table 1. RBE weighting factors , wRBE **************************************************************** Type wRBE **************************************************************** Photons 1 Electrons and muons 1 Protons 1 Alpha particles, fission fragments, heavy nuclei 5* Incident neutrons 2** **************************************************************** The figures were assigned temporarily by using the following references. References *Ford JR, Terzaghi-Howe M. Radiat Res. 1993 Oct;136(1):89-96. *Chen DJ, Strniste GF, Tokita N. Radiat Res. 1984 Nov;100(2):321-7.Ford JR, Terzaghi-Howe M. Radiat Res. 1993 Oct;136(1):89-96. *Yutaka Yamada, Yoichi Oghiso, Shingo Nakamura, Jean-Paul Morlier, Kristell Guillet, Paul Fritsch, Nicolas Dudoignon and Georges Monchaux, http://www.nirs.go.jp/report/nene/h14/03/05/53.html ** Koike, S and Ando, K: Edited by Tsuji, H and Akashi, M., Published by The National Institute of Radiological Sciences, 2000.