Occupational Radiological Protection in Interventional Procedures

Draft document: Occupational Radiological Protection in Interventional Procedures
Submitted by Ruby Fong, Medical Committee of The Society for Radiological Protection, United Kingdom
Commenting on behalf of the organisation


Comments on ICRP Draft_Occupational RP in Interventional Procedures
P. 1Line 0019Add space between the two letters of the initials
P. 1Line 0027Add space after the first comma
P. 1Line 0027"D.L. Miller" - add space between the two letters of the initials
P. 7Line 0177"C.Cousins" - Add space between initial and surname 
P. 7Line 0180"D.L. Miller (Vice-Chair)" - add space between the two letters of the initials
P. 11Line 0318"wearing a dosimeter over an apron that was intended for use under an apron" - add "or in an unshielded pocket of the apron"
P. 11Line 0341"attenuation factor between 20 and 200" - change to "attenuation factor between 200 and 20"
P. 15Line 0474"rivate" - typographical error, should be "private"
P. 15Line 0492At the end of the paragraph add "3D imaging using fluoroscopic equipment is also used in some interventional procedures and intra-operatively, for navigation during surgery."
P. 16Line 0539"at an appropriate depth, d" - add "(in mm)"
P. 17Line 0552"controlable" - replace with "controllable"
P. 24Line 0833Last sentence is an incomplete sentence.
P. 25Line 0874Sugest adding "for the interventionalist" after "10 µSv"
P. 25878-884One very long sentence - difficult to understand 
P. 29Line 0992"he experience" - typographical error, should be "the experience"
P. 30Line 1041Add space between "ratesif"
P. 30Line 1059Add space ".Lower"
P. 30Line 1072Replace "different than" with "different from"
P. 32Line 1143"NCRP, 2017" - reference on page 84, line 3346 says "2016"
P. 33Line 1174"infqection" - replace with "infection"
P. 49Line 1864Perhaps should also consider the situation where an interventionalist is wearing one dosimeter underneath a lead apron and an eye dosemeter (e.g. TLD in headband) acceptable.
  Consider adding: "Where interventionalists work for two or more employers, it may be necessary to have different sets of dosimeters for each employer and a means of collating the doses recorded from the different sets of dosimeters.  Operation between employers is important."
P. 52Line 1999Very useful to include recommended minimum lead equivalence for lead glasses and area of glass lens
P. 52Line 1999It would be good to address prescription lead glasses also.
P. 57Line 2186"well as" - replace with "as well as"
P. 58Line 2229On lead aprons: 
  (1) It is important that the user understand the labelling of the lead equivalence for the particular protective garment because where manufacturer quotes "0.35 mmPb", it could be 0.35 mmPb only when two flaps are overlapped, rather than 0.35 mmPb right through every part of the garment; otherwise, users might falsely believe that when the flaps overlap, they get 0.7 mmPb equivalence
  (2) Manufacturers might have tested the transmission of the protective garment in narrow beam geometry using primary radiation, rather than broad beam geometry using scattered radiation which is the situation that staff will be in.
  (3) There are modern materials, for example, bi-layer, rather than a mix of two copenents, which mught be more effective.
P. 58Line 2249Mention zero-gravity suspended radiaiton protecton system.
P. 59Line 2264Delete "for males"
P. 63Line 2458Sentence too long to be understood easily.  Try to re-phrase if possible.
P. 66Line 2572Replace "On the other hand" with "Additionally"
P. 69Line 2679Add something along this line: Acceptable criteria should be established. Adequate resources should be allowed for the purchase, testing and replacement of protective garments.
P. 69Line 2700Replace "equipmen" with "equipment"
P. 69Line 2690Sentence very long
P. 69Line 2696Sentence very long
P. 74Line 2857Add "or bilayers" after "composite layers"
P. 74Line 2894Add "and geometry" after "beams"
P. 75Line 2918Add"Criteria for acceptablity should be establised"
P. 76Line 2952Change all semi-colons to commas
P. 90Line 3642After "using ionising radiation", add "or when pregnant staff is engaged in interventional radiological work"
P. 92Line 3654Add space after the full-stop
P. 94Line 3752Add "in mm" after "appropriate depth, d,"