Draft document: Recommendations
Submitted by Pillalamarri Jagam Ph D, The NORM Group
Commenting on behalf of the organisation

We oppose the deregulation of low level nuclear waste on the basis of our experiences here in Canada. The reason is primarily from the point of view of the consequences of increasing recycling and conservation efforts dealing with the waste along with general municipal wastes. The radioactive waste is contaminating many of the materials used by the general public. This is not acceptable for the same reasons atmospheric weapons testing was not acceptable and it was banned. We have detected radioactivities in general purpose commercially available materials whose origin is other than naturally occurring radioactive materials (NORM). Over the last twenty five years our members have developed the detection methodologies and technologies which are capable of detecting these low level radioactivities. These capabilities are beyond the reach of the traditional commercial vendors who provide commercial services for radiological screening of waste. Exposure to anthropogenic radioactivity must not only be minimised, but it must also be eliminated by isolation of the radioactive waste from entering recyling streams and conservation streams. Low dose radiation research is showing the evidence which cannot be ignored simply becasue we do not understand or project the consequences to human health or human existence. Please, let us talk. Don't be in a haste to deregulate low level radioacitivity waste disposal. Cross-contamination can be eliminated by isolation. It cannot be eliminated by dilution. This is what is taught to us in handling radioactivities. Isn't it? Please let us talk and think of the consequences of deregulation from a larger perspective than is being considered from the dosimetry perspective. Submitted with utmost respect and due understanding of the consequences of radioactive contamination. with best regards Jagam P. Jagam PhD Scientific Director The NORM Group