2005 ICRP Recommendation

Draft document: 2005 ICRP Recommendation
Submitted by James MacHardy, Amersham plc (now part of GE Healthcare)
Commenting on behalf of the organisation

We welcome the opportunity to respond on these draft recommendations. Our primary comments are: 1 We do not support the inclusion of the 0.1 and 0.01 Bq/g exclusion levels. They are neither well explained nor well-founded in science.Their incorporation in the proposals is not in keeping with the remainder of the document in style or intent and could in fact spark distracting debate. 2 The ALARA/ALARP concepts and language appear to be being "lost" somewhat within the term Optimisation.This is a concern, given that practitioners now understand and respond well to advice under the former terminology. 3 Further clarity on the commission's view on the appropriate and inappropriate uses of Collective Dose is needed. 4 The concept of Constraints, although clarified somewhat since their first mention in previous publications, still requires careful explanation about their value in practice. 5 The elements of the recommendations relating to Medical Exposures ,which is of interest to a large part of our customer base, could be more coherently collated and presented in the document.