2005 ICRP Recommendation

Draft document: 2005 ICRP Recommendation
Submitted by Wan-Cheng Fang, ?
Commenting as an individual

[The following comment was sent to the ICRP Secretariat in response to the comment by Y.C. Luan that was posted 2004-12-19] Thank you very much for your information about the health effect of radiation. At the same time I also got the opposite information from the local newspaper few days ago about radiation apartment happened in Hsin-chu . Obviously there are totally different results. I do believe that both our data are reliable. But there is only one truth in one thing. As a research worker, to find out the truth is his responsiblity. So I suggest that we should have a kind of further discussion or an opening meeting, so that we can find the best answer.Whether the radiation will effect human's life or not?